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Email to Mr. Renfroe:   Please use this email to reach me.     Please DO NOT call the house or my cell.   Should you forget and call my private numbers, I won't answer or return  your call.... sorry.... .  Yes, I also do have "Facebook" account, and NO I will not friend or communicate with students on that medium.... sorry.... HOWEVER....  I will return your email from "Facebook" should you forget and contact me, but I prefer to communicate to you  from my school email.   Thanks for understanding... FYI, "official" confirmations will only be recognized through email to my school email, and NOT facebook, or text...

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Madrigal Auditions for 2014 - 2015 are happening now....    It's your group... please help promote and recruit new potential members.... applications are now on the piano.... Seniors, keep in mind your task during this process!  Your input is most important!!  :-)




LOOK AT THE CALENDAR LINK!!!!  KEEP current with the calendar!!!  I have done a basic up-date since the "crash" so most of our dates are now on that link....


2013 - 2014 Madrigal Singers Name and E-mail:

FYI:  All of your contact information is on your secure site... click on the link below, enter your login & password sent to you and proceed.... Please keep your secure site secure by protecting your login and password.... If this is your first visit, please refer to your email from me for login information, or see me if you have misplaced that information.... ~mr. r.~.   ♫ 

Link to choral secure site





2012 - 2013 BASIC SET:  





        The A capella Singer = AS

        Invitation To Madrigals = In

        Five Centuries of choral Music = FC

        Separate Selections (Octavos or Renfroe arranged) = SS

        100 Carols for Choirs  =  CC



Basic Set: 


"April..." (AS, pg. 8)  Soprano    Alto    Tenor    Bass   ~Concert ready~

"Counterpoint of the Animals"  (SS)  Recording   S-1  S-2   Alto  Tenor  Bass  ~Concert ready~

"Echo Song"   (FC)   Recording   Total    Soprano  Alto  Tenor  Bass   ~Concert Ready~

"Fa Una Canzona (SS)  Total  Soprano  Alto  Tenor  Bass    ~Concert Ready~

"Fair Phyllis..." (In, pg. 38)   Soprano    Alto    Tenor    Bass   ~Concert ready~

"Fire Fire, My Heart"  (SS)  Recording    S-1   S-2  Alto  Tenor  Bass    ~Concert Ready~

"Pastime with Good Company"  (SS)  Recording   Soprano  Alto T/B  Solo flute(soprano)  ~Concert ready~

"The Little White Hen"  (FC, pg. 56)  Recording    Soprano    Alto    Tenor    Bass   ~Concert ready!~

"Occhi Manza Mia" (AS, pg. 107)   Soprano    Alto    Tenor    Bass   ~Concert ready~

"Sing we and Chant It" (AS, pg. 3)   S-1    S-2    Alto    Tenor    Bass     ~Concert Ready~

"Weep..."  (In, pg. 30)    Total   Soprano  Alto Tenor Bass    ~Concert Ready~


Down-load Instructions

To listen only:  just click on the selected file. On most computers it should automatically play.  If not, follow the instructions that appear on your screen. 

To add the selected MP3 files to your "favorites":  First, back click (or left click if using a "left handed" mouse) on the file.  A command box will open.  Choose "Add to favorites".  An "Favorites" box will open.  You will see the name of the file on the top line.  Choose your location and save.  Each time you select this file from your "favorites" it will open the MP3 file from the web.  NOTE:  This is ok as long as the file is active on the web site. 

To save MP3 rehearsal files on your computer:  Follow these instructions:  First, right click (or left click if using a "left handed" mouse) on the selected file.  A command box will open.  Choose "save target as".  Another command box will open.  Choose a location on your computer in "My Documents" and save the on your computer. Each time you open this file it will play from your computer, where it was saved!  It is from this location I suggest saving, and then downloading into your iPod, etc.  NOTE:  If your iPod is the destination, simply save in the iTunes folder which should be located in "My Documents"-"My Music"-"iTunes".  (NOTE:  If using an Apple computer, MP3 files will need to be saved in "iTunes"... use "import" mode from the iTune file menu)

To Add these MP3's YOUR Apple iPod or iPhone:  If you have saved these files in your "favorites" folder instead of the "iTunes" folder, follow the following instructions to link to your iPod.   BEFORE linking your iPod to your computer, open "iTunes" on your computer.   Drag and drop the selected MP3 file into your iTunes library.   Once you have all needed MP3 files, connect your iPod to your computer.  NOTE:  Be sure that your iPod is assigned to your computer.   ~It will link.  To avoid corrupting your files, do not disconnect.~  Once your iPod's connection is established,  you may upload files from iTunes for use.  NOTE:  If your iPod is set on auto-sync it will do so, if not it will be necessary for you to instruct your iPod to sync.

To Add MP3 files to a NON Apple iPod:  This will be MUCH easier than the Apple iPod!  highlight the files in your music MP3 folder on the computer... Back-click, and select copy.  Next, simply plug the MP3 player, "Smart Phone" etc.  to your computer via a USB port.  The player should automatically open.... if not proceed to open from your "My Computer".  This is the player which will appear as an external drive.... Once open, paste  the files copied from your computer into the MP3 player folder.  Close and remove.  You should now be able to play all files copied and pasted to your player.  

For which ever way you wish to access, do remember that if you are using a dial-up internet provider and/or an older computer... your download time will be greatly increased.  S.....L......O......W......!!  DO NOTE:  I placed all rehearsal  files in MP3 format which is a compressed file taking less space on your computer/MP3 player, etc.... and also will download faster (especially those with slower/older computers and dial-up connections.  ♫♫

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