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WELCOME to Largo High School's  new choral director, Mr. Kody Wallace!  Mr. Wallace comes to us from Boca Ciega High School, and will officially begin his direction in the fall of the 2014 - 2015 school year.  Please send him a welcome email at  Mr. Wallace is a Music Education graduate from the University of Florida, and will begin his choral Masters this summer at Florida State University... so both rival schools are represented...  Mr. Wallace was at both spring concerts performances.  He is excited about joining the Packer network!!  work hard with him as you make the adjustment with a new teacher!!  :-)


School Schedule for 2014 - 2015:  Largo High will be on a straight seven period day next year... over 60% of the faculty voted against going to any type of  block!  Your bell schedule will be similar to what is below.  However, there will be split lunch during 5th period.  that means half of the school will go to lunch and then to class, the other half will go to class and then to lunch... those class times will over-lap.



GRADUATION!!!  Congratulations to all you graduates... you are NOW ALUMNI!!!!!  Stay involved with YOUR Largo High School... and I hope to see most of you at Homecoming next fall!  ~froe~



By request from many of you seniors, here is the predictions and speech I made at the Banquet last week... enjoy. I make no apologies for the grammatical errors... I simply cut and paste for your enjoyment...  :-)   ~mr. r.~


Seniors 2014


To start, this year has been a very busy year for choral music in these “Halls of Largo”.   The fall was especially busy with performances for our home season and our winning football team.We won our district title for the 20th consecutive year.  We also went to “Harmony Explosion” last June; which, for the first time girls were invited to participate. We turned down performing at “Disney Candlelight” refusing to sing on Christmas Eve.  Weparticipated in the University of South Florida’s “Festival of Voices”. Soon following, we hosted our bi-annual production of “Expressions of Largo”  We also participated in the All-County High School Choir, produced a Madrigal Dinner, and had a two night winter AND two night spring concert series… the spring which was part of Largo High Schools “Final Homecoming”.  Chamber Singers performed a special presentation by being asked to present the music at the “Jubilee Mass” for the Diocese of St. Petersburg. The Madrigals Singers holiday season was a blur as they performed all over town during our busy holiday season with performances for the City of Largo, at the School Board, Here at the Club, twice at the Sandpearl, Crabby Bills, a Madrigal Dinner, ~which our boosters TOTALLY produced at First United Methodist Church of Clearwater…~and many, many more… Our vocal students participated in District Solo/Ensemble, and Choral MPA, with two vocal solos, a barbershop quartet, Madrigal Singers.  It was two solos, Madrigal Singers, and Chamber Singers moving on to State. It was Madrigal receiving “best of the day” and performing at a mini-concert at State.  Let’s not forget about our fabulous finaland sold out musical presentation of “The Wizard of Oz”.All that has been really great, but tonight I wish to focus on our seniors, many of whom I have watched grow these last four years….


As in my predictions of last year… I am NOT doing a senior roast… onlyreflections and future predictions will come this evening…. So as your name is called, stand tall so the weall can enjoy your predictions as we peer clearly into your future….


Katie Allen

            Katie is a quiet one…. One never really knows what is going through her mind… except when she gives us that look… she is either laughing with us, or at us…. Katie is organized and methodical which are very strong qualities for her… She is a four year member starting with Mixed Chorus, Concert Choir, and this year Chamber Singers… She was also nominated by her peers to be co-librarian…a task of which I could not appreciate more!  So, let’s look into Katie’s future.  She will go first to St. Pete College… she will then transfer to USF, St. Pete campus.  She will graduate at the top of her class earning herbaccalaureate ON TIME which for the most part is unheard of these days…  She will also emerge completely debt free from her education, which will give her the opportunity to secure a Masters and eventually doctorial degreesin business Education… she will then teach business at USF where she will meet her true love.  She will marry and have two children, a boy and a girl….


Tristan Brockwell

            Where do we start with Tristan….Lets go back four years… I still remember receiving a call from his guidance counselor over four years back, before school beganinforming me of this really bright freshman kid who wanted to take AP Music Theory…. Well… we settled for Music Theory Honors… during that class I asked Tristan if he would like to sing… well, that was his real beginning… Tristan has moved up he music ladder at LHS participating in all areas of Choral Music.  He really did it all:  Mixed – Concert, Men, Barbershop, Madrigals, Chamber… and All-State Choir.  He was also involved with the Band of Gold, as well as the Jazz Band…. Let’s not forget his awesome performance as the “Tin Man” in our recent presentation of “The Wizard of Oz”… Tristan is also very diverse in his academics.  He has taken most Honors and AP classes offered at LHS… He is a non-magnet student who is our 2014 Valedictorian.  Along with that distinct honor, he will have the opportunity to speak at Graduation, and receive his diploma first…. So, what is to become of Tristan?  Well, he will start his future at Yale, an honor difficult to achieve, with a 250K scholarship…. Interested in becoming a Medical Doctor, he will move in that direction… However, the Arts will always live in his heart.  We see Tristan settling in Atlanta, Georgia, becoming a doctor of internal medicine at the Atlanta Medical Center.  Financially comfortable, he becomes very active in contributing to the Atlanta Symphony Chorus and Orchestra…. Oh by the way… did I also mention that he will audition and sing in the Atlanta Symphony chorus….?He will marry a local gal who catches his heart… again… this crystal ball doesn’t quite see the name… but he will be happy, and have four boys….


David Hullen

            David has been very active in our choral program… singing all four years in our choral program.  Traveling to Austria in the summer of 2013, David thought it was cool performing two major works in surroundings traveled by their composers… He along with others really fully enjoyed the settings of the Austrian culture… David is quite a diverse individual who not only sings, but is involved in the art of card tricks and games…. He was fast his freshman year to figure out “Green-Glass-Doors”, “The Planets” and “What is the Number” games… David has an interestingand colorful potential…. So where do we see David in ten years….?  Well, we still see him working on much of his potential…. It will take David quite some time to determine his long range goal, but we think the musical field is his top interest… his future begins with college for music… following his AA at SPC, he will move into USF’s music program.  Upon graduation (his degree is not real clear here…)  He will successfully team up with a good friend to open a sports bar called “The D & D house of beer”  Marriage…??  Hmmmmm… we do see him tying the knot… but not until he is almost 30… and then he becomes a father of five children… three girls and two boys… all just like dad….


David Nelson

            Hmmmm… where to start with David…? David had some really cool experiences while at LHS…. David was able to travel to NYC to performRutter’s Requiem as a freshman…. And then to Austria this past summer to perform two major choral works; one of Haydn, and the other of Mendelssohn.  His high school chapter is coming to close and he now moves into the unknown… He will start at St. Pete College, where he really begins to excel with his studies and music… after two years at SPC, David receives a scholarship to attend Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  Once he receives his degree in music education, he will move back to Florida to look for a job… well, none are available so he meets up with one of his best friends from high school … Together, they open a sports bar called “The D & D House of Beer” located in North Pinellas County.  David will marry… but not until he is almost 30… and then only after his love of many years prods him to do so…. They have four boys… all just like their dad…..


Kim (Kimmy) Pettit

            Kimmy is always with a smile… I can’t remember ever seeing her without one… I’ve really enjoyed conversations with her on just about all topics… she has been co-librarian along with Katie.  Kim has sung with Concert Choir, Mixed Chorus, and I believe Women’s chorus a couple of years past… she has never been a Madrigal Singer, but did join Chamber Singers this year.  Kim’s known for her “driving” ability, and coordination… well, the truth of the matter is that she lacks in both realms…. So, let’s see what is in Kim’s future.  She wishes to have a career in the medical field… so she moves to secure her training as a Registered Nurse.  She lands a job as an RN at Largo Medical Center… but finds that she needs more…. So, interested in helping people, Kim works to secure her training as a driving instructor…. One of Kim’s driving students manages to crash the student car while driving… with Kim instructing…. Well, wouldn’t you know it… Kim falls in love with HIM, finding out that they think exactly the same… and neither can get in a word to each other… because they both love to talk….  Eventually the talking subsides long enough for the relationship to become serious… They marry, and begin their storybook marriage..along with three children… ALL girls, just like Kim….


Megan Pullen

            Ah… Megan.  She is one that has been overlooked for many of her accomplishments.  She is an exemplary trumpet, flute, vocalist who just doesn’t settle for second best.  Megan is smart, persistent, and aggressive.  She just doesn’t take “no” for an answer. An honor students with many accomplishments to her name such as four years of band, two years in Madrigals, Chamber, Concert… All-State participation… Let’s not overlook an awesome performing tour of Austria in the summer of 2013.  She is a member of National Honor Society, along with so many other organizations at the school that we could take the next twenty minutes explaining… So, where does all this lead Megan in her future?  We see her first making her mark at the University of Florida’s honor college… the next move up is to an Ivy League school… I’m not sure which as there are too many options from which she must decide.  The medical field is her primary interest, with an emphasis in pediatrics…. After earning her degree, she feels the need to help others, so Megan joins the Peace Corp.  She chooses to work in Chili.  There she becomes immersed so much in the program that it becomes her career.   She meets and marries and old friend from her past… they reside in Chili raising two boys, along with her very successful career…


Jessica Ramos

            Jessica is another four year member of our choral program who started with Mixed Chorus and worked through all four years in the program… she also enjoyed the experience gained from a musical tour to Austria in the summer of 2013.  She will never say it, but I think she has an awesome, rich, and vibrant contralto voice!!!  Outside of her circle of friends, Jessica remains quiet, and somewhat on the outside.  OK, so what is in Jessica’s future?  Her start is at St. Pete College working on general ed classes… she is not sure what to persue, until one day she is able to link up with one of her best friends from high school… together the two of them return to Austria to more fully enjoy the culture on their own time table.  Jessica immerses herself into the culture, and decides to secure a visa to stay and study.  Over time she becomes move confident in her own singing abilities and decides to study music.  She enters the EisenstaedtConservatory on a full scholarship from the university.  Once complete, she begins a singing career which takes her not only throughout America, but throughout Europe. 


Elena Ruiz-Olden

            Elena is another four year choral student in these Halls of Largo.  She also has traveled with the program.  First her travels were to NYC to perform the Rutter Requiem with Dr. James Bass in Carnegie Hall… She also was a performing member of the tour of Austria in the summer of 2013.  Elena has performed solos at district and state MPA, has studied voice with the accomplished Mr. Christopher Holloway, and has been in Mixed, Concert, Women, and this year Chamber Singers.  Let’s look into her future. Elena begins her collegiate music studies at St. Pete College… after one year she is able to transfer into the music program at the University of South Florida… there she secures her bachelor’s degree in music education, with an emphasis in elementary music…. Following that, is her Master’s in the same.  Elena now tired of college wants to teach, and sing… but before all of that, she takes a break with a friend on a trip back to Austria where they both were some years in their past.  Traveling on their own time table, Elena is homesick and returns alone to the states… she begins her teaching career in Pinellas County where she meets and falls in love with another music teacher in the district… he is ten years her superior!! They marry and bring six lovely children into the world…


Kara Sikora

            Kara has been involved in choral music at Largo for three years, beginning first in Musical Theater..and then two years in the Concert Choir, Madrigal and Chamber Singer… she performed at both district and state solo this year.  Kara has studied voice with Christopher Holloway, and is very interested in continuing her music education… So, what is in her future? Kara will move away…. Far from Pinellas county all the way to San Diego, California… there she will study voice with Michelle Ayres at the prestigious School of Music and Dance at San Diego State University.  After seven years of study, and a complete vocal remake, Kara will then perform on the opera circuit in cities outside New York.  She will have multiple roles to her name for which she will be chosen to play, making a very successful career in singing.  Once she is established, she will be an artist in residence at the San Diego State University.  


Charlie Tsai

            Mr. Charlie Tsai…. He is another in the litany of graduating seniors who have been involved in choral music for the last four years at LHS.  He has performed at all the functions of Festival of Voices, Harmony Explosion, All-County, and with our performing groups starting with Mixed Chorus and working through all the performing ranks, including on stage in “Beauty and the Beast” as well as technical lighting director, multiple gigs working sound, and now has found a new love…. Music composition.  Let’s look into Charlie’s future…. Immediately, Charlie will wander about for almost two years looking for his musical and educational niche.  Then in the summer of hmmmm…. Not real clear here… maybe 2018….. Charlie has the opportunity to meet Eric Whitacre.  Charlie just happens to be at a musical convention of the American Choral Directors with a good friend, who introduces the two… Charlie gives a copy of his composition “The Woman” to Eric who is truly intrigued, and questions Charlie on how this came to be… Charlie is now motivated, and able to spend a span of two weeks working with Eric, and some of his compositional students learning to branch out into new realms… Now Charlie’s career takes off.  With the influence of Whitacre and others, Charlie is able to get published, and recognized…. Charlie will compose several compositions with interesting combinations of instruments, both traditional, and non with several combinations of instruments not known to the American musical public.  Secure in his career, Charlie then reunites with his high school sweetheart… they don’t marry, but are very close life long friends…


So… now I’m standing, and pondering as I look at the many wonderful accomplishment of these students, in my final class of 2014.  They now join the thousands of students I have had the privilege of teaching over the past thirty-nine years.  I’m truly awed and amazed with the accomplishments of so many I have touched in all parts of the world throughout my career… The predictions that I made tonight are just that, predictions… and they are given to you tongue in cheek, and in good fun… That being said, it is just amazing the number of the past predictions made with the old crystal ball at this banquet that have actually come true with couples marrying, children, and career predictions...  Some of my former students have achieved some really awesome marks both professionally, and personally. Unfortunately, several of my former students have struggled in school, and continue to do so, even to this day…. And I’m also very sad to say some of my former students are no longer with us…. With that, my advice is to know how precious your life is..  Please don’t take your life for granted, focus, make the most of your time on this third rock from the sun…  don’t wait or procrastinate.  MOVE AHEAD!!  Most importantly, take care of yourselves, mentally and physically.  Avoid that which can hurt or shorten your life….  


Looking at my known list of former students are those who have accomplished much of what I predicted of these 2014 graduates… I have scores who are in the arts teaching, performing, composing, and directing.  Many are in this county, and across the nation.  Just to name a few of my former students:  Rob Knable, choral director at East Lake High School, Largo class of ‘74; Joy Hobson-Roche, drama teacher at Clearwater high School, Pinellas Park Class of ‘79; Rosemary Collins, Choral Director at Safety Harbor Middle, Counryside class of ’85; Jennifer Renfroe, Composer, and Choral-Orchestra-Scottish dance director at Dunedin Middle school, Largo class of ’06; Tiffany Robbins,  elementary school music in Volusia county, Largo class of ’07;  Dr. Janice Brocus, director of music activities at a university in Texas, Pinellas Park class of ’80; and soon to be Jerry Durst, the new drama teacher at Largo High School, Largo class of ‘01.  There are many any other teachers and performers all around the country.  Several other alumni are performers around the world.  Most alumni are in other fields representing all walks of our American Society.  As we all “graduate” in just a little more than a week, we all will move into the next chapter of our lives… It’s a scary thing going into the unknown… and I like you will enter that realm.  And like you, I will need to focus and map out the strategies of my future… like you, I’m not ready to just sit back and say “I made it”… but will keep moving forward taking on new challenges and opportunities. 


Seniors, you will become part of what I have predicted, joining the litany of those who have gone before you…. You are the next generation that will take charge of our communities and write our next chapter of American History.  Take for example my former student Norman Roche, one of our Pinellas County Commissioners., a graduate from Pinellas Park High Class of ‘80.  Like Norm (whom we called Todd) you will be charged to clean up after my generation, and my parent’s generation…. ~and pay for my Social Security~.  So to you seniors, I challenge you as we all go out into the world, to stand up for what you believe, teach your children well…..Make them think… get them away from the computer, and video games and live!  Go out and play, ride bikes, join in neighborhood sports… actually some of that same advice goes for you as well… get out and get physically active.  With that, go out and make a difference.   To those of you who are NOT graduating this year, you have a multiple of challenges and MANY changes looming in your immediate future.  We will watch together as the “Halls of Largo” we all have know and loved for the past several generations come crashing down in just a few short weeks…. You will be in portables for two years with a new choral director, a new drama teacher, and many other new faculty members over the next year or two… Accept that these changes are part of your life.   To go against it will cause you to loose much of your potential, and be miserable.  I remember the changes in my senior year… It was the spring of 1968.  Our choral director and drama teacher had held auditions for our spring musical.  Our choir was preparing for a state tour with multiple concerts, and we were going to state “contest” (called MPA today)  All of that came to a screeching halt in the spring of 1968.  That was the year of the Florida teacher strike, where thousands of teachers walked off the job… ALL but one of my teachers walked out, including my choral director Herb Beam, and our drama teacher… Along with my classmates, we were all just crushed!  I finished my senior year in double sessions, with seniors going in the morning and sophomores and juniors in the afternoon… there was no choir tour, no musical, no state… and many other activities were no longer.  Like you, we had many challenges to face in a short amount of time… face your upcoming challenges with courage, maturity, patience, loyalty, and love…. Well, in '68 we made it… I graduated and moved on… You too will make it...  Take it on the chin… make the changes and upcoming challenges in stride, and then move on.  Stay united, and work to make next year every bit as successful as you have seen over the past several years…Your new director Kody Wallace comes with a wealth of knowledge, energy, focus, understanding and patience of all you love.  He possess the ability to move you forward.  Work with him… avoid saying “Froe didn’t do it like this….”  Learn his NEW way…. On the other hand, Don’t forget me… remember all the great things we have already accomplished… but move forward… and “kick it up a notch…”  God Bless you all!!  ~Froe~







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