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Alumni, I need to know how many of you really check in regularly on this site.... I will run this through June and July.... Following that I will determine if it is worth my time to maintain this link or close it... send me your comments and I'll take them under consideration.... ~b.renfroe~


LHS Choral Alumni of all years!  As you find this site, please send me your current email address. I will copy and paste below with your other classmates from your graduating year.  If you frequently visit this site, contact your former classmates. Because this is on the WEB meaning "out there..."  for the world to see, neither phone numbers nor addresses will be published.  Please do that among yourselves!  However, if you wish to add your e-mail to this list please e-mail your name, the year graduated, and the e-mail address that you wish me to post (if other than your return email) to Mr. Renfroe. (ladies, if married, please remember to include your maiden name)  This site is FREE!  But it is only as good as the information given.  So that we can maintain contact, please keep current on your email address!

Remember that as your life changes happen, (marriages, moves, children..., etc.)  keep us posted here!!



LHS Choral Alumni News!

NEW!  Here is a link to an LHS alumni page of all years.... check it out!  http://www.largohighalumni.com/


Here is A link  to our calendar and home page ! Many of you have requested these quick locators so you know what is going on!  Here ya go.    Both have much information that you may wish to peruse.  I suggest adding these to your "favorites". 

Those of you "older" alumni who were in the band when Mr. Saylor was band director, you may be interested to know that he is the assistant superintendent of curriculum! ...who would have thought....! Owens stopped by to see me last October '09!!!! It sure was good to see you Coach!!!   Here is his email:

Owens Sayler:  osaylor@jessamine.k12.ky.us    Write him!  He will answer you!


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Alumni Row!!



Class of 2010

Congratulations to the class of 2010!!!  You are now NEW alumni of Largo High School!!  All choir student's names are below.  PLEASE send me your email for posting here.  I will keep your name below until the fall of 2010.  If I don't hear from you by that time, I will remove your name until such time you once again find us.... :-)



Campbell, Thomas
Collins, Brittany
Craig, Olivia
Deremo, Krisstina           
Doner, Blake                  
Gagliardo, Nicole
Haumann, Sarah
Hume, Samuel                
Johnson, Cady               
Kemker, Ashley            
Miller, Jacob
Pinamonti, Laura           
Pongrat, Kayra
Quinones, Charlotte
Twitty, Zachary              superultramegapineapple@yahoo.com  


Class of 2009

Barnes, Matt                                                    mbarnes0622@yahoo.com
Belanger, Cameron                                           turboviper0809@aol.com
Fair, Tiffany                                                      tiffyburger37@aol.com 
Falone, Blake                                                   blakefalone@yahoo.com 
Falone, Blain                                                    trombonetenor21@hotmail.com 
Glymph, Mary Ellis                                           cherrymary@mail.com  ~or~  meglymph@mail.presby.edu
Kneiblher, Megan                                             snowboardrox@tampabay.rr.com    
Lehmann, Cara                                                 jlehman2@tampabay.rr.com  
Maciolek, Melissa                                            sassy8624@yahoo.com
Salmon, Trevor                                                trevrock@verizon.net 
Siegel, Katie  <"favorite Jew">                         katiesiegel16@yahoo.com
Thomas, Cameron <"Cameroooon">               master.lekgolo@yahoo.com
Wainscott, Steve <"Steveo">                           steveo16@tampabay.rr.com 



Class of 2008

Baker, Jenica   <Jennica-Rinica>   Choir_Drama_Chic08@hotmail.com

Ball, Joel                                       JAYBDADDY@yahoo.com  

Burrell, Anthony                            anthonysburrell@yahoo.com  

Carter, Kurtis                                kurshami23@gmail.com   

Curry, Elizabeth <Lizzy-Lizzy-Lizzy>  a_not_so_emo_tragedy@yahoo.com   

Demps, Aladdin                            aladdin_demps@yahoo.com     

Dixon, Josh                                  dixonjoshua19@yahoo.com

Grosso, Michelle                          foxyroxyfsugirl1@aol.com

Hallett, Kyra                                 kyrabug@knology.net  

Haynes, Colton                             Football6270@aol.com  

Hunt, Kelsey                                treblemaker5@hotmail.com

Meisenhelder, Katie                     Aeris122889@aol.com   katie.meisenhelder@wlc.edu

Murphy, Mark  <Marky>             windrunr1@aol.com

Ogden, Jaclyne <JackieO>           xojayox14@yahoo.com  

Partridge, Michelle                        M.Partridge08@yahoo.com

Ponce, Ivonne  <Ivy>                   wayweirdchica@gmail.com   

Rand, Mitchell  <Penguin>            B25Mitch@tampabay.rr.com  

Renfroe, Adam                             awsomdrummerboy@hotmail.com  

Rodrigues, Enrique  <Ricky>        busterblader1232@aol.com  

Rygiel, Zachary   <Zach...ary>      Zrygiel@hotmail.com 

Shader, Melissa                           ShiningMisty@aol.com  

Swan, Elizabeth  <Swanny>         elizabethswan18@gmail.com



Class of 2007

Deetz, Shawn                              shootnsean@msn.com

Dorsey, Taja:  <Taha>                tndorsey07@yahoo.com

Fair, Sarah                                   bemyescape07@ufl.edu

Francona, Lauren                        funinthesun068@aol.com

Green, Josh                                  largogoldenkid07@verizon.net  

Greene, Kelli  <Greenie Weenie>    ~No Valid Email~

Johnston, Aaron  <A. J.>              aaron84j@yahoo.com

Leikam, Megan                            megleik@yahoo.com

Piscitelli, Michael                          towyncoyote@gmail.com]

Ray, Laura                                   Laura_ray2@msn.com

Robbins, Tiffany                           trobbins@stetson.edu      

Russell, Lance                            magicsax1488@yahoo.com

Ryan, Katie                                herox4mylove@aim.com

Thayer, Katie                             lillimelight@aol.com

Tomlinson, Kyle                         kawaiinekoboi@hotmail.com

Wiley, Josh     <Willey Wiley>    blood_raven420@hotmail.com

Wilkins, Henry                             wil_hx1216@yahoo.com

Wunderlin, Danny: <Danny Boy>       tenorman@tampabay.rr.com

Class of 2006


Barnes, Cristina ('06)               Ccgirl1906@aol.com

Benoit, Chris ('06)                   poolfreak212009@yahoo.com

Burrell, Vincent   ('06)             vincentburrell@yahoo.com

Ersbo, Nicole ('06)                 faithchick1@hotmail.com

Hubley, Josh ('06)                   tangerinemonkey88@yahoo.com

Jacosbsmeyer, Jessica  ('06)   jessicakaye333@yahoo.com

Lachance, Katie  ('06)             kat817@msn.com

Meyers, Robert  ('06) <Robby>  imagecrafter008@yahoo.com
Mumy, Breanne  ('06)  <Mooms #3>   xBreanne06x@hotmail.com

Murphy, Ryan ('06) <McFly>   Birddog245@tampabay.rr.com  

Palaj, Elizabeta  ('06)                  BePl7@aol.com

Renfroe, Jennifer ('06)  <Jenfroe>  jenfroe8806@hotmail.com

Selner, Alicia  ('06)                     i_love_madrox@yahoo.com

Thibeault, Eric  ('06)                    last_dragon_mage@yahoo.com
Voegeli, Kat  ('06) <Kitt Katt>     ~No Valid Email~

Waters, Tim  ('06) <Timmy>  LostWaters@Darksites.com".



Class of 2005

Adams, Tyler ('05)  sir.rocksalot1987@gmail.com
Graham, Shanaya  ('05) <Shanaynay>  naya87s12000@yahoo.com
Gusler, Christina  ('05)  cgusler@juno.com 

Hill, Damon  ('05)    pukeonshoes504@aol.com
Keenan, Patrick  ('05)  ~No Valid Email~
Lucas, Haley  ('05)  ~No Valid Email~
Pearson, Thaddeus  ('05)   thaddeuspearson@yahoo.com

Ramirez, Amanda  ('05)  bigred81305@yahoo.com
Reyes, Ruth  ('05)  <Susie Q>      sweetsunshine37@aol.com

Smith, Nicole ('05)  Sweetnicole1225@aol.com
Tikkanen, Troy  ('05)   nmber1joker@yahoo.com
Williams, Ashley  ('05)    floridabeachbabe831@yahoo.com    

Class of 2004

Burrell, Charles <Chuck> ('04)     cfbjr4486@yahoo.com
Burrell, (Curry) Lieren    ('04)      lburrell6@tampabay.rr.com

Chapman, Courtney ('04)  cortneychapman@yahoo.com

Carter, Lacie  ('04)       lacie_a_carter@yahoo.com

Curtis, Robert  <Bob>  ('04)  namelessness@gmail.com

Coletta, Maria   ('04)     WiLdAtHeaRt38@aol.com

Daniels, (Sanz) Lauren  <drama queen>  ('04)   ~No Valid Email~  

Harding, Madison  ('04)  Madisonh@ufl.edu
Jobe, Amanda ('04)        Juubee715@aol.com 
Kletch-Kuharich, Helena  ('04)  ~No Valid Email~
McWilliams, Marissa  ('04)  roxyrissa04@aol.com
Mohammed, Richard  ('04)  slimmjiggy24@hotmail.com

Morrow, Emily ('04)  emilymorrow1986@msn.com

Pierce, (Wheelock) Tyne ('04)   TNPierce@gmail.com

Slane, Jessica ('04)   slanejes@ufl.edu

Slone, Amanda ('04)   Gulfstergirl@yahoo.com
Waters, (Coon) Nichole    ('04)    MIDanceluvr@aol.com
Zsido, Brittani  ('04)       xcheergurl247x@hotmail.com 



Class of 2003

Bird, Christina: <Birdy> ('03) birdygyrl007@aol.com 

Bowne, Nate ('03)  Zippy242@aol.com 

Boyd, Allen ('03)  boutta20@aol.com

Brown, Danielle ('03)  ~No Valid Email~

Crandall, Robert:  ('03)    ~No Valid Email~

Daniels, Jimmy:   ('03)  jedanie3@mail.usf.edu

Dold, J.T.  ('03)    m41ekxp@yahoo.com

Eversole, Josh ('03)    jeversole@dlwarchitects.com ~or~ zeexcess@aol.com

Haumann, David  ('03)  azrael442@yahoo.com 

Heller, Joel  ('03)   jheller412@msn.com  

Jobe, Nichole ('03)   nickij3185@aol.com  

Lukat, Kristin: ('03)  kelsmile@hotmail.com

Marko, Brittney   ('03)   Brit022704@hotmail.com

Seabrook, Sheena: ('03)  ~No Valid Email~

Smyser, Albert  ('03)  smyserae@west-virginia-blue.navy.mil 

Wehner, Theresa: ('03)  singing_star44@hotmail.com 

Class of 2002

Alaba, Margaret (Dayo)  ('02)   margo2diyo@aol.com

Belcher, Lauren: ('02)  Doodlebug0683@aol.com  or LBelcher@flsouthern.edu 

Cohen, Michelle, ('02)  mcangel1984@yahoo.com  

Gaffney, Megan: ('02)  mugshot214@aol.com 

Peavy, Summer ('02) LightningGrl2121@aol.com

Schwab, Mike: ('02) <'Schwabie #3', and on time!>  mike8349@aol.com

Scibbe, Kevin ('02)    Scibbe@hotmail.com

Williamson, Brett: ('02) landrover8614@yahoo.com 


Class of 2001

Champion, Desiree' <'Desie'> ('01)   dchamp83@yahoo.com

Clark, Shauwn  <'Papa Shauwn'> ('01) phatshady213@hotmail.com   OR  shauwnsayshi@yahoo.com 

Hamble (Mickelle), Michelle ('01)  mleighh_01@yahoo.com

Harding, Mary  ('01)  Mharding16@hotmail.com 

Hunt, Jerry ('01)  pastorjerry@hotmail.com

Jones, Arrione  ('01)  airson@excite.com, ajones@cccscfl.com 

Knapp, Amber Lynn   ('01)  amberella313@aol.com 

Tesoro, Julie Ann <'Jewels'>('01)  jewlsjujubes@aol.com 

Trombetta, Michelle ( '01 ) shellyt83@aol.com 

Wilson, Jerrie ('01)  ~No Valid Email~


Class of 2000

Barbour, Brian ('00)  bbarbour@stetson.edu

Durst, Heidi  ('00)  goombygirl@hotmail.com

Griffin, Eilleen <'Griffie'> ('00)  SinginQn@aol.com

Hancock (Thedford)  ('00)  Melissa  Thelegalgirl@yahoo.com 

Henry, Tory  ('00)  toryhenry@lycos.com   

Huck, Melissa  ('00)   alexandrite13@hotmail.com 

Lattimer, Sarah ('00)   blackink174@yahoo.com

Meadowcroft, Joshua ('00)  jmeadowcroft08@gmail.com

Mumy, Robyn <'Mooms' #2>  ( '00 ) sweetmusic21@hotmail.com 

Newman, Nick  ('00)      starmonger@hotmail.com   

Peterson, Kim ('00) <Red>  kimberly@kimberly-photography.com

Swearingen, Angela  ('00) Angela@BFInsurors.com 

Vernieri, Anthony ('00) cosmovern@mac.com


Class of 1999

Ballmer, Heather <'The Balm'> (99)  Lerah99@gmail.com

Collins, (Rivero)  Melody  ('99)      shalecesjourney@yahoo.com

Crumrine, Roy <'Roy Boy'> ('99) RedIron881@hotmail.com 

Dreslin, Neenah  ('99)   neenahd@hotmail.com or   neenahd@ufl.edu

Hudgins, Hallie  ('99) hallielynn01@yahoo.com  

Pierce, Jason  <'Jay-Pee'>  ('99)   Jay-Pee@juno.com 

Seda, (Mercado)  Michelle ('99)  honeypr_mm@yahoo.com

Woody, Crystal   (Tilitharis)  tilitharis_kifan18@yahoo.com


Classes before 1999


Able, Michelle ('95)  lilmiche@yahoo.com

Bowling, (Williams) Julie   mawjaw@aol.com  

Boyle, (Torson) <'93> Tiffany TJTORSON@tampabay.rr.com

Brand, Christi  ('90)   kittyfayth@gmail.com

Brett, Justin  <'Brett Boy'> ('98)  jwbrett13@hotmail.com 

Brightwell, John  ('88)  dakota.john@comcast.net

    family pictures:


Brosnan, Michael    ('93) mjester357@hotmail.com

Brown, Cary  chaufr2279@aol.com 

Buisson, John <'John Boy'> ('97)  jmbflat@yahoo.com 

Buisson, (Sones) Cherrie ('93)  docswee@tampabay.rr.com  

Calhoun, Freedom ('93) dawolf74@yahoo.com

Casella, (House) Chloe  <'93> cjc190@psu.edu

Carnahan, Joy   (Cipolla) <"Joy Joy">  ('97) ~No Valid Email~         Baby pictures:  www.babyhomepages..net/phoebedawncipolla .

Chapman, Darryl  dchapman@dollarintl.com

Clayton, (McClure) Beth  ('95)  wolf714@alltel.net

Clevenger, (Hazard) Jennifer ('84)   davjenclevenger@aol.com

Connolly, (Psaltis) Mia   miaps@aol.com  

Cole, Jane  ('77)  chorus1977@aol.com

Crawford, John  <"Crawdaddy"> (91)  brandy.colbyj@verizon.net  or bonescolbyj2000@aol.com 

Crumrine, Casie ('94)  larae52@hotmail.com 

Curkan, Terry ('76?) tcurkan@mindspring.com  

Davis (Clatterbuck) Carrie ('98)  a.jamais.libre@earthlink.net 

Day, Sharon  ('93)    sday5@tampabay.rr.com

Degrenia, Ed  mred62@hotmail.com  

DeLude, Nikki   nikki88nc@lycos.com 

DeMeritte, Pam (Forbes)  ('95)   pam@hdofgreensboro.com  

Dix, Timothy O. <"Poindexter"> ('78)   timdix@hiwaay.net 

Doyle, (Merkel) Heather   <'93> beluga974@hawaii.rr.com

English, Ethan  ('98)  sorrypudin@aol.com 

Falck, David ('68)  falckd@ix.netcom.com 

Fasulo, Janeen    luvnlyph@hotmail.com

Faustini, Christina       lilshyt5352@yahoo.com 

Ferrie, Joe  ('79)   josepha.ferrie@yahoo.com

Funaki, Malia   (Wolff)  ('94)   maw4749@yahoo.com 

Fugate, (Shaffer)  Mary Ellen  ('97)   meshaffer@trumc.org

Gange, (Schettino) Stacey  Sschett1@tampabay.rr.com 

Gingras,  Bobi (Murray) ('70)  bobi@rdimn.com 

Gingras, (McCune) Patti   ('76) imjaws@aol.com

Giovannetti, Paul <'Paulie'> ('98)  waffle_destroyer@yahoo.com 

Gould, Merrick  ('91)  merrickgould@hotmail.com

Guyatt, Ken <'K.C.'> ('74)   guyattsales@aol.com

Hararis,  (Valamontes)  Chrystoula  <"Stoula">  ('94)  Chrystoula@myagapi.com 

Harris, Evy   evillyn1112@aolc.om

Hedge, Mike  ('74)  ~Deceased, April 24,2003~  

Hubley, Season ('93)  xxseasonxx@hotmail.com

Hughes, (Wolfe) Michelle  ('82)  m.wolf10@verizon.net  

Horner, Mark ('96)  <"Mr. President">  markbhorner@hotmail.com.

Johnson, (Smith) Becky  alssl@aol.com  

Johnston, (McGilvrey) Elizabeth  dolceeli@msn.com

Jones, Tim ('88)   tim@timjones.com

Katt, (Watson) Lisa  ('91)  lwatson3@tampabay.rr.com

Kramer, Nancy  ('71)  floriduhvoter@netzero.net

Lefkowitz (Maldonado) Beth  ('97)  ppiggllett@hotmail.com 

Leonard, Darlene   ('95)    dars3@aol.com 

Leonard, Aaron   lil_law_breaker@hotmail.com

Lewis, Josh  ('98)  jrlewis@tampabay.rr.com 

Lucas, Charla  ('98) ~No Valid Email~

McClendon, Eric  ('90)  higherhope@hotmail.com   or mcclendone@pcsb.org

McConn, Joe ('93)  ghengis@bellsouth.net

Manion, Mike ('75)  mmanion@tampabay.rr.com 

Marvin, Kevin ('88)  kevin.marvin@ncmc.com

Maracick, Lisa (Eiserman) ('95)  lisa43m@bellsouth.net

Mitchell,  (Carr) Christina   ('96)  christina_carr@hotmail.com 

Mullins, Don  ('97)  donmullins@bellsouth.net 

Mullaney, Dawn  ('98)  celticspirit13@yahoo.com

Mumy, Jamie <'Mooms' #1>  ( '95 )    moomers76@yahoo.com

Murray, Rick  (1969)  rick@rdimn.com 

Mustacchia, (Watts)  Deanna   ('89)   deannawatts@yahoo.com

Newman, Krisha ('97)   susie190@hotmail.com   

Norris, Greg ('98)  quartertill3@hotmail.com 

Parkinson, Curt ('92)  curt.parkinson@hotmail.com

Peterman, Melissa  <Missy> ('94)  mdeacon314@aol.com 

Peters, (Brotherton) Karen  ('96)  KariEBro@aol.com 

Pierce, Jerry ('91)   jbabpier@comcast.net 

Postich, Brad  ('97)  FSUbrad@aol.com

Postich, (Vawter) Jennifer ('96)  FSUcerra@aol.com  

Preza, (Lowe) Lauren    lilpreza@webtv.net or lilpreza77@tampabay.rr.com

Rahn, (Aday) Holly  ('66)   holly@aday.net

Rametta (Adams), Tina   lgadams@peoplepc.com 

Reed, Phil  PBR0125@aol.com

Rosello, Richard <Richie> ('97)  rprgator1@yahoo.com   "I am an American..."

Salyer, (Palmateer) Patricia  ('68) ~No Valid Email~

Schettino Stacey (Gange) <'80>  stacey_schettino@yahoo.com

Schwab, Christopher ('90) <'Schwabie #1'>  cs@n4bsa.org

Schwab, Matthew ('94) <schwabie #4>   mschwab@americarelawnservices.com  

Scarano, (Pellerin) Jennifer  ('94)     jcpellerin@msn.com

Smart, Sarah   ('95)     SAL1180@aol.com

Smith, Wayne ('66)   wayne@mrlanguage.com  WEB Site: www.mrlanguage.com  

Starr, (Davis)  Melanie ('90)   mdavis5@tampabay.rr.com

Stone, Dale ('77)   dstone0354@charter.net

Sturgeon, Chuck <'Chuckles', 'Spooky'> ('75) spudsteer@hotmail.com 

Thompson, Ryan    ('98)    rmthompson@tampabay.rr.com

Wade, Bridget ('93) bridgeew@aol.com

Wallace, (Sepik)  Mary Grace ('91)  marygrace@hgaarch.com   My Space:  www.myspace.com/graciegrin 

Ward, Jennifer  ('93)   jenward2@juno.com 

Ward, John  ('72)  jdrillerward@hotmail.com   jdrillerward@yahoo.com

Young, Jonna    morgaine_lefae@hotmail.com ~or~  jbugzy@gmail.com